Roses Every Year, part 2

| Part 1 |

Dear J,

I’m leaving. I don’t want to, but I have to.

I trusted you beyond all others. I believed you would never hurt me and I believed that you would always protect me. You didn’t.

I was yours, from the moment we met.


Dear J,

I’ve met somebody new. He’s good to me, I promise. You don’t have to worry.

I hope you can be happy for me. You’re my best friend.


Dear J,

You were right. It seems I chose wrong.

I know you want us to be together but I can’t be with you. But I’m glad to have you.

I hope you’re alright.


Dear M,

I still can’t believe you’re gone.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t with you and I’m sorry that I was too stupid to let you go.

I hope you’re happy now and I want you to know that I remember what you said a long time ago.

Love always,



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