The Breakup Chronicles, Chapter 4: Memories and Missed Jokes

I had a problem with the middle finger on my right hand a while ago. It was popping when I flexed it and it hurt. I had to put it in a splint just to feel comfortable.

I thought of what he would have said if we were still together. He would have teased me about working that finger too much. It made me sad because I realized that that part of my life was gone.

The part of my life where I always had someone to talk to, share inside jokes with, have dumb arguments and conversation with, was gone.

I was thinking about this and I fell into a rabbit hole of memories.

I still remember his favorite food, his ramen order, and that he doesn’t like tuna on pasta.

I ate more pasta and ramen than I liked because he loved noodles and wasn’t as adventurous with food.

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