The Breakup Chronicles, Chapter 2: Rebounding aka Online Garbage Collecting

Rebounding is like collecting garbage.

After breaking up with my boyfriend, I went looking for a rebound. I hoped that I would find someone new and maybe I wouldn’t feel so alone. And failing that, maybe I’d find someone hot I could drool over for a while.

Also, I wanted to win the breakup. Did I mention I was not in a good place?

So I went on Tinder. Tinder is good because you’re already weeding out people you’re not attracted to and who are not attracted to you. You match up with people who are interested and that should be it. You can get to know each other more.

Here are the problems. I hardly ever talked to anyone I matched with because either they weren’t online or I wasn’t. People who did message me either sent crude messages or just a simple hi. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing egregiously wrong with a simple hi, I just feel like you need to give me something more to work with.

You might ask, why didn’t I just message people myself? Good news is, I did. And I was witty about it. I sent gifs sometimes too. And who doesn’t like funny gifs?

The thing was, either I didn’t get a response or I would but it just didn’t feel right (or they were straight up fucking boring).

Then there were those convos that I thought were going well but they either unmatch or stop replying. That might have been worse, considering I really needed a self-esteem boost.

So I went on OKCupid.

That was bit different. The profiles are meatier and you could message anyone you wanted to. As you can probably imagine, that led to a whole new series of problems.

Pros: I got way more messages and talked to way more people.

Cons: The crude messages were way worse and they were usually from people I wasn’t attracted to.

Long story short, rebounding or just dating in general is hard yo. There’s a lot of garbage to sift through. But I still have hope that in that garbage, I might find a bit of treasure.

Click here for the video version.


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