I’m gonna be on TV!

No, not really.

I relaunched my ancient Youtube channel a month ago. I’ve always wanted to make Internet content aside from writing and singing — and making and uploading videos is one of the most viable ways for me to do that. Granted, I’m not a big fan of seeing myself on camera and I’m not very comfortable talking in front of camera, but hey, trying new things, right?

The original plan was to make gaming videos because I’m a huge fan of Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter but I realized that I don’t have enough money to buy games constantly and also I have no friends to play with and I’m not very good at games. So I decided that my Youtube channel is going to be anything under the sun. Whatever I want to make a video of, I will.

I’ve started a new series called Reading with Feeling. It’s going to be me, reading various poems or short stories or even song lyrics. I’ve already recorded four episodes and released two.

Here’s the first one:

I hope to be doing more videos, more regularly.

Like I say in my videos, if you guys like it, click the like button and subscribe! ❤


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