Attraction, it’s a funny affair
I didn’t think you were my type
but I was wrong and I don’t even care

It’s funny, I thought I’d be over you by now
Like stalking would make me forget you somehow

It’s funny that you’re unaware of the effect you have on me
I can’t help it, I get lost in the bluest gaze I’ll ever see

It’s funny, every day I’m asking why you’re so attractive in my eyes
You never had to do anything but I feel the heat in me rise

It’s funny how you crept up on me
It’s something I didn’t expect
You’re just too goddamn sexy
and I think you’re someone I won’t regret

It’s funny how you can make me do things that I’ll never admit to
but if you were here doing those feats, I’d join you in a fucking heartbeat

It’s funny that I’m still writing words I’d never show you in a million years
But it’s the only way of letting out feelings that you can’t hear

Attraction, it’s a funny fucking thing
I liked you before but now you’re my king.


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