Descent into Madness, part 2

I spat on the ground bitterly. I glared at the smirking royal, sheathed my sword and turned my back on him.

“Well, that’s rude,” I heard him say. “I didn’t even get a chance to thank my rescuer.”

I ignored him and started walking away but I noticed my cloak behind the rock and remembered what I hid under there. I had to get rid of him first before I went home with my prize.

Sighing heavily, I turned back to him. “Forget about it, it’s what anyone would have done.”

“Maybe so,” he replied smoothly. “But not as well as you did. And judging from your words when you realized who I am, you may not have wanted to do it.”

I stared at him. “Does what I want matter?”Read More »



Attraction, it’s a funny affair
I didn’t think you were my type
but I was wrong and I don’t even care

It’s funny, I thought I’d be over you by now
Like stalking would make me forget you somehow

It’s funny that you’re unaware of the effect you have on me
I can’t help it, I get lost in the bluest gaze I’ll ever see

It’s funny, every day I’m asking why you’re so attractive in my eyes
You never had to do anything but I feel the heat in me rise

It’s funny how you crept up on me
It’s something I didn’t expect
You’re just too goddamn sexy
and I think you’re someone I won’t regret

It’s funny how you can make me do things that I’ll never admit to
but if you were here doing those feats, I’d join you in a fucking heartbeat

It’s funny that I’m still writing words I’d never show you in a million years
But it’s the only way of letting out feelings that you can’t hear

Attraction, it’s a funny fucking thing
I liked you before but now you’re my king.