Heat spreads all over my skin
Biting my lips, reeling it in
Dazed and confused, wondering why this is
When all I can think about is asking for your kiss

Heat pools in my core
I’m looking at you and wanting more
I’d beg for you without hesitation
Butterflies in my stomach, tingling with anticipation

I want without end, more than anyone can imagine
I feel intense desire, my patience is wearing thin
I long for your touch, here I am holding my breath
It’s you and me against the world from the moment that we met

I hear you whisper in my ear, voice soothing and deep
These memories we’re making are all for us to keep
You see me and your eyes light up, I feel my knees shaking
You smirk at me and you know exactly what I’m thinking

It’s a different kind of love, what I’m feeling every day
It’s too bad that you can’t hear all the things I want to say
I wish you felt for me just what I feel for you
For now, I guess I can pretend that you want me too


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