Pretty Girl Behind The Red Door

She never cared for anyone good
She knew who she was and she knew where she stood
Her heart was untested and unsure
Pretty girl behind the red door

She fell in love, such a pretty sight
She saw the truth in black and white
Each time she gave herself away
She hoped it was enough for him to stay

He shattered her heart under his feet
All his words tasted bittersweet
She wondered what the hell love was for
Broken girl behind a broken door

She tried to be strong and she tried to be brave
But some things in life just can’t be saved
She hid her scars from prying eyes
Lied to the world with pretty smiles

She found herself falling once more
He pieced her back as she was before
Afraid to want and scared to trust
She left him standing in the dust

He said, “I’ll wait, however long.”
But she said goodbye and tried to be strong
Her mind and heart all out at war
Pretty girl left her door ajar

He slipped in silently, threw her heart out of whack
When she pushed him away, he pulled her back
He saw her as she was, right down to her core
Pretty girl behind the red door


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