I Wish I Was You

I wish I was you
Have your cards and spend your money
If I were magic
I would be you, honey

I wish I could take your place
Speak your words and wield your power
If I could be anyone
I’d be you every hour

I wish I looked like you
All beauty and sophistication
If I could change anything
I’d have you as inspiration

I wish I wasn’t me
Hating looking in the mirror
If I were a wizard
Life wouldn’t be as bitter

I wish I was smarter
Thinking quickly on my feet
If I had a brain
I’d be sitting in your seat

I wish I was stronger
Kicking ass and taking names
If I had a little courage
I’d beat you at your game

I wish I could believe them
When they say what they can see
But I’m glad that I’m not you
Because then I wouldn’t be me


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